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Denmark is the centre of the world. All  other countries are surrounding us.


A short story of where Carsten Overgaard came from and made him the person he is today:

I was born in a small town north of Næstved, called Herlufsholm. In the early 1970´s  the town became a part of Næstved County, "wiping" out the traditional quiet looking village and turning  it into a part of the socialdemokratic town of Næstved.

The first six years of my life. I spend home with my part-time working mother and my little brother. Because my mother came from Finland we lived quite isolated in our family which is normal for families which does not have entirely  Danish origins.

It changed when I started in school. I went to public school for 11 years including one year in a pre-school class. I was not quite good at socializing because I had to struggle with the demands of having true Danish customs. Back then I did not realize the importance of a small culture like the Danish one to keep outsiders out until they meet the demands from the society. Business School changed all that. I did grow up and took responsibility. In short terms: I was ready to seek a career.

After  Business School I started  in 1986  selling and starting up accounting programs on the PC platform. First on network systems with Novell - later with Windows NT.

In 1997 I left my previous job as consultant and board member and started as CIO in Formula - large printing company with about 200 employees.

In my spare time I participated in several marathon runs, among others in New York in November 1993, and completing  an "Ironman" race in 1991. These last few  years I take my bike rolling from the months February through  October.

I have two children; a girl and a boy and reside in the small town of Ølstykke. (12.000 pop)

Now I am about 40 years old and have reached all my goals in life. I have just one more ambition left and that is early retirement which would be very difficult to achieve because my family suffers from a heart disease that due to cut backs in our healthcare system no longer can be cured, when living outside Copenhagen as I do.

As family members continues to pass away I continue to live by a old Finnish proverb: "You only own forever, what you have lost."


My wife's CV is also present on these pages.