Månedsarkiv: august 2019

Beautiful visit to the Harz area

Together with my family, I visited the Harz area in Germany.

The base for our stay was in Goslar which is a town with both market and old historic buildings. We drove down there 9 persons in two cars. Although it was a long drive and the highways were marked with a lot of road repairs, we made it in about 10 hours.

The Hotel was nice. Very good breakfast. The dinner served was a bit different and bit more heavy compared to the food we are acustomed to but we have to remember that we were in another country and local customs should be respected.

We visited places like the old mine near Goslar, Brocken of course – I did not leave my wife there. It is a bit expensive to take the train to the top. Normally I would have prefered to walk the 16 kilometers but we only had a few days and not everyone is a mobile as I am, so the train is really the only option as private cars are not allowed which makes the area kind of undisturbed which is fine.

Goslar itself is a small town and they have a market on some Saturdays. The nearby cities are also interesting to visit.

I can only recommend a visit to this part of Germany.