Looking back at 2019

Then we are here at again. I am surprised that the year went so far and yet amazed that I am sitting here being able to write you because it has not been a easy year.

There have been challenges work-related. There have been challenges with my health. There have been illness and death in my family.

In 2016 I hit a van which took an illegal right turn. I hit the side of the van with the left side of my head. I was wearing a helmet which properly saved my life.

I got a serious scar in my face, whiplash, hurt my back and broke a bone in my left arm.

A year and a half later the nerves in my teeth started to die. It was on the left side. The Dentist school in Copenhagen did a good job and saved them but it took a full year.

Today I am not able to drive many hours in my car. I get too tired due to problems with my neck.

I am in treatment for issues with my back.

But I am alive. Sadly that means that I no longer can function as consultant because I can not drive for long time and in Denmark public transport only works in major cities and some of my customers are located otherwhere. So I have to remain working with customer care from an office.

My mother suffered from cancer. It seems that she makes it through.

Two members of my household have an illness which sadly set a mark on the way a day can pass.

Two of my aunts passed away this year.

And there was a lot of stuff in my house which broke. I paid DKK 10,000 for new electricity.

2019 was not my year – That is as simple as I can say it.

So 2020 will be a question about surviving it. I will continue to struggle keeping my job, the kids struggle to make it through schooling and not losing more family in the process.

It is also really sad when looking at Denmark in general. More and more jobs leave our country to be located in country where people can settle with less. It is not necessary that my position should be located in Denmark and should it be relocated, I am out because I cannot leave my family behind to work abroad.

The economy will slow down, they say. I do not know if it will like in 2008, but I hope not.

I wish everyone a happy new year. Based on what 2019 was, it can only improve.